located in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica


Experience La Pura Vida like never before in our right-off the beach Guesthouse!

Set in a tropical garden and located just 150 meters from the beach, Vista Verde Guest House offers lodging: five private rooms in a rustic Caribbean-style environment surrounded by hotels, hostels & all kinds of flora and faun.

It features a a lounge area with hammocks, where you can relax while watching the Costa Rican wildlife, and enjoy the Caribbean vibe; and a shared communal kitchen equipped with all the amenities you need to cook your meals.

Come to Vista Verde Guest House & Yoga Retreat and experience the best guest house in Puerto Viejo.

A Guest House is a type of lodging that can not be described in the same way as a hostal, a bed and breakfast or a hotel, because of the concept it’s built on.

A guest house is meant to make you feel like home. It’s the perfect place for having both privacy and the chance to share common areas as kitchen or a living room with the host or with other guests. There’s a lot of guest houses all over the world and most of them offer the same kind of services to their guests, always caring about making them feel like they are staying at their own house.

Normally, Guest houses in Puerto Viejo are big houses redesigned to offer services like:

  • Private or Shared bedrooms
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Common spaces for chill and hang out

As we were saying, the difference between a Guest House and a Hotel are basically the services they offer and the infrastructure of the place. Hotels in Puerto Viejo are designed to offer luxury experiences and they count with trained personal to serve their guests, since people from all over the world want to visit the best beaches in Costa Rica and the biodiversity the country has to offer. You won’t find those services in a Guest House in Puerto Viejo, but you will probably find your home away from home, sharing time and space and making new friends.

If you’re planning on traveling to Costa Rica, you’ll notice there’s a lot of options (hotels, hostals, cabins, airbnb, etc) in lodging, so it will depend on what you are looking for. If you don’t want to be worried about anything but enjoying the best services and amenities, you should book a Hotel Room in Puerto Viejo without any doubts. You’ll find everything you need and they’ll probably exceed your expectations. But if you want to experience making new friends in a home-like environment, cooking with people from different cultures in a shared kitchen or even play board games while relaxing and listening to music in a beautiful organic garden, then you should come to Vista Verde Guest House and taste how the best guest house in Puerto Viejo feels like.



Chandra Karuna Yoga Studio

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” – Thoreau

Yoga retreats can be truly transformative experiences, and everyone who enjoys a lifestyle of health and wellness can really benefit from them.

Being on a retreat allows you to deeply listen to your body, rest when you need it, and be free from stress.

Click here for more info on upcoming events and retreats in Costa Rica and Europe.

A Yoga Retreat is the perfect way to make a pause in your life. It’s a escape from the crazy world we are inmerse in and it gives you the opportunity to be in a quiet place, surrounded by calm and nature, exercising your body through the Yoga flows and relaxing your mind with meditation techniques.

There’s different types of Yoga Retreats. Professional retreats -in example- are leaded by highly trained Yoga instructors and planified to give the yogi all the tools they need to keep improving their yoga practices. There’s even specific retreats to recieve training for being an instructor.

You need to keep this very important things in mind if you want to experience a successful Yoga Retreat:

Where to practice?
    • A natural environment: Any Yoga Retreat will be better if it’s practiced in a free-smog natural environment. Nature inspire the soul and help us to go deep into meditation techniques. When Nature meets Yoga the experience becomes sensorial: the smell of the grass, the sound of the birds or even the blow of the wind start to be a part of the retreat, allowing us all to fill our hearts and bodies with joy.
    • A quiet place: You need a quiet place if you want to experience a great Yoga Retreat. Being surrounded by loud noises like car horns or busy cities will affect your practice directly, so that’s why a calm place where you can be in touch with your inner self will be the smartest and safest choice.


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